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Arthrosis & Arthritis


Arthrosis is a condition that is often confused with Arthritis. It is not necessarily painful and can often appear during the older years as the the joints age and inevitable wear and tear happens. 


If it occurs in the hip, knee or ankle, the weight bearing joints, then the joint can be very painful and restricted when moving. In the spine it can be a largely irrelevant X-ray or scan finding and therefore not relevant to the pain.


The chiropractor will try to find the cause of the pain and then advise which type of treatment would be the most effective. Treatment gently tries to restore movement in the relevamnt joints enabling the person to move more easily and 'be rejuvenated'!

Our chiropractors treat these types of problems every single day.


Also see Arthritis (below) and our treatment in the older years pages.


Arthritis is a disease. There are over 170 types of arthritis to choose from, you must be certain exactly which one you have. To accurately diagnose the more obscure types and sub-types of arthritis it is always best to see a consultant rheumatologist. “Rheumatism” simply means an achy joint. It is not a proper complete diagnosis.


Arthritis is unfortunately not cured by any treatment, including chiropractic. However, many people have pains that are not associated with the arthritis. They simply have back, knee or hip pain which has been or can be misdiagnosed as arthrtits. These pains could respond well to chiropractic treatment. If in doubt, please email or phone us for advice.



For further information or to speak with a member of our team, please call 01625 531164.

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