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Initial Consultation & FAQs

At your initial consultation, you will be greeted by a member of our reception team who will confirm your name and contact details before you see one of the chiropractors. They will then take a comprehensive medical history, conduct a thorough examination and, once a diagnosis is made,  recommend the most effective treatment. 

Will I receive treatment on my first visit?


Once a diagnosis has been made and you would like to proceed with the treatment recommended, then appropriate treatment will be given on your first visit.


Sometimes further investigations such as MRI scans need to be carried out for a diagnosis to be confirmed or made. In these cases the time frame for treatment will be recommended to you by your chiropractor.

What should I wear?


We advise you to simply wear loose-fitting clothes. Changing rooms and gowns are  provided when necessary, so if required, please request one from a member of our reception team on your arrival.

At the initial consultation  a thorough case history will be taken; followed by an explanation of the relevant anatomy; a thorough orthopaedic, neurological and highly  specialised chiropractic examination; an explanation of the findings and the best way to alleviate the problem; and then, when appropriate, expert treatment.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
If you are claiming through your insurance you need to make us aware when booking your appointment and bring your documentation including membership and reference numbers with you to your appointment so that this can be authorised.
If you have any medical documentation such as test results that are relevant to your symptoms then please bring these along if they are available.
Who should I see?


All of our chiropractors are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and have been practising for many years. It is entirely your choice who you would like to see, please see our fees page for current working hours and speak to our reception team to enquire about availability.


Our four highly experienced chiropractors are renowned for the diagnosis and treatment of many common conditions such as low back pain, sciatica, groin pain, neck pain, whiplash, arm pains, shoulder and knee pains and sports injuries.


In addition they also specialise in certain problems. For example, in addition to low back pain and sciatica:


  • Dr Scott Middleton is expert in the treatment of coccydynia; pelvic pains, enuresis, adolescents and sports injuries.

  • Dr Gowan Robinson is particularly well known for treating neck pain, headaches and sports injuries.

  • Dr Lindsay Beardsworth has a special interest in treating pregnant women, babies and the under-threes.

  • Dr Patrick Langham sees many sporting injuries and has a special interest in shoulder and jaw related conditions.

Can I arrange a domiciliary visit?


Domiciliary visits can be arranged for patients in severe pain and also for those in the high risk categories regarding COVID-19. To enquire about this, please email Dr Scott Middleton:

Can I speak to a chiropractor to discuss my symptoms before booking an appointment?


Enquiries are dealt with promptly by appropriate members of staff and any medical queries are answered confidentially by one of our chiropractors by either phone or email. We offer an initial discussion via phone or email free of charge to discuss the outline of your symptoms and whether chiropractic treatment might be of help to you.


Please email or speak to one of our reception staff to ask for a call back if you wish to be contacted by phone.

How much will my appointment cost?


The initial consultation fee is £75.00 for a 30 minute appointment. 


Please see our clinic & fees page for further information on subsequent consultation fees and availability.




For further information or to discuss your particular problem, please email Dr Scott Middleton:

For further information on how chiropractic could help with your condition, visit our history or conditions pages.


To speak with a member of our team, please call 01625 531164.

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