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Our Patients

Dr Scott Middleton set up the Wilmslow Chiropractic Clinic in 1979 and since that time over 75,000 patients have registered and been treated by either him or his team.


Scott and Gowan both claim to have treated the oldest patient because Gowan treated a 97-year old lady at the clinic and then Scott treated a slightly more senior 97-year old lady at a local nursing home. Gowan is adamant that because ‘she did not come in to the clinic’  he still has the record! 


Ages of patients treated last year ranged from 10-days old to 94-years young!  Scott undoubtedly has the record for the youngest seen at the clinic – a little boy just two days old. However Scott and Gowan have recently asked Lindsay to take over treating all the babies and under threes, so Lindsay is hopeful that she will soon beat Scott’s record!

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