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Knee Pain

As with hip pain, the list of possible diagnoses is long. Knee pains can respond very well to treatment, but severe osteoarthrosis, arthritis, infections, fractures, ruptured ligaments or severely damaged cartilages will not respond to any conservative treatment and these would of course be referred to orthopaedic surgeon. If in doubt, please email or phone for advice.

Plantar fasciitis

We never used to treat this until one of the premiership footballers mentioned he had it when he was seeing Dr Gowan Robinson about his bad back (Gowan has been practising with Scott at the Wilmslow Clinic since 1982). The player responded easily in two treatments and his club (they play in blue...) telephoned and quizzed us about it! When he explained that he had little interest in the condition but simply treated the player because he mentioned it at the time... they really got quite excited! Apparently it can be very difficult to cure... but clinical trials have since proven that chiropractic treatment can be very effective for this condition.

Weakness in the knee or ankle

The knee or ankle giving way. Common complaints - yet they can respond very easily. This is a very good example of why accurate diagnosis and correct advice are imperative before treatment is given. In many of these cases there is absolutely no point in doing exercises to strengthen the muscles because after accurate diagnosis and treatment, the knee or ankle strength recovers extremely quickly, often after just one treatment. Only then will the correct exercises will maintain the strength. This is yet another excellent example of why people should not have more than four treatments from anyone - unless they are getting good results. If in doubt, stop wasting time (and money) and get a second opinion! What you need is a proper diagnosis, appropriate treatment and very quick results.



For further information or to speak with a member of our team, please call 01625 531164.

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