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Pins, Needles & Numbness

Pins, needles and numbness (also known as paraesthesia) are usually caused by trapped nerves. Sometimes pins and needles or numbness is caused by diseases, so after the chiropractor diagnoses the cause, these patients will of course be advised to consult their GP.


For well over one hundred years, chiropractors have spent much of their working life 'untrapping' these nerves and relieving the symptoms. The chiropractic profession treats more trapped nerves every year than all the other medical professions put together.


Treatment consists of very specific, gentle adjustments of the relevant region of the body causing the problem. You will be advised at the initial consultation of whether we can help and, if appropriate, the expected speed of recovery for your particular nerve injury.


As a general rule, numbness of over two years duration will fail to respond to any treatment including surgery. Pain however can respond after decades of suffering. Therefore if you have had numbness for quite a long time (and any treatment you have been having is not working) do not delay seeking expert advice or it may become too late for us to help.




For further information or to speak with a member of our team, please call 01625 531164.

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