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This is another extremely common condition which, along with low back pain, is the most common problem that patients are suffering from when they initially consult a chiropractor. 

Symptoms & Causes

Sciatica is simply pain resulting from irritation of one or more of the five nerve roots that exit the spine and then combine together to form the sciatic nerve that runs down the leg to the foot. Depending on which of the five nerve roots is irritated, the pains can be felt radiating down the back, side or front of the leg. It doesn’t have to go all the way down to the toes, but often stops half-way. Pains down the inside of the thigh are often incorrectly called ‘sciatica’, but usually come from a totally different nerve.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica


The four experienced chiropractors at the Wilmslow Clinic will take a thorough case history; do all the medical orthopaedic and neurological tests; use highly specific chiropractic analytical techniques; very carefully examine the relevant area of your low back; diagnose the underlying problem; explain their findings to you, and then advise on the most effective way to eliminate the pain.


Many scientific and medical research studies consistently show that chiropractic is the most effective method for treating many musculoskeletal pains. Only in the very severe cases of sciatica is referral to a neurosurgeon or spinal orthopaedic surgeon the best way forward. This does not mean they will have surgery as often a change of medication or spinal injections can be of great benefit. Patients too difficult for our care will of course be advised about this; recommendations will be made and a full medical report can be sent to your GP and the surgeon of your choice.



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