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Shoulder & Arm Pain


Shoulder Pain


There are dozens of different syndromes that cause pain in the shoulder therefore, like other areas, diagnosis is key.


The shoulders are not a weight bearing joint and therefore we see fewer cases of osteo-arthrosis in the shoulder than we do in the hip and knee. Shoulder pain with weakness or restriction is often misdiagnosed as “frozen shoulder”. Many pains are referred from elsewhere and we find that this region of the body is often misdiagnosed.

Most importantly, if you are having any form of treatment, whether physiotherapy, massage, osteopathy or acupuncture, but not responding after four treatments, we advise you to get a second opinion. NB. This guideline includes treatment at any other chiropractic clinic as well.

Shoulder Conditions

Tight Shoulders

This is a common complaint that we see every day. Usually the underlying cause is from two or more separate conditions - both of which can respond very well to advice and correct treatment.

Frozen Shoulder

One of the many common shoulder problems we encounter.  In the classic mild to moderate cases the response to our treatment protocol can be very good.


Perhaps two or three treatments to improve mobility with the arm being able to fully abduct (to raise the arm out to the side above the head) followed by appropriate exercises to allow internal rotation to recover.


We regularly liaise with orthopaedic surgeons and top physiotherapists concerning this problem. Some frozen shoulders are very severe and thus require more invasive treatment such as an injection or manipulation under anaesthetic from an orthopaedic surgeon. You will of course be advised if this is the case. 

Rhomboid syndrome & Scapula pain

Often muscle related, but very often two or more concurrent conditions.

Scapula pain is felt in the muscles over the shoulder blade. Normally it is a straightforward to diagnose and treat. It is usually possible to teach the patient’s husband/wife/partner/parent how to help by doing some treatment at home so, if possible, please bring someone else with you.

Dorsal or Thoracic Pain

Most dorsal pains are felt between the shoulder blades. We normally expect very good results treating pain in this region. Also see Intercostal neuralgia.

Arm Pain

Some pains in the arm can be from injury directly to the arm or referred pain from elsewhere in the body. This referred pain is usually the neck, but can also be from more discrete injuries.

As always, diagnosis is the key before specific treatment is given to eliminate the underlying problem.

Once the diagnosis has been made, the chiropractor will advise what treatment will be of most benefit.


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Shoulder Pain
Arm Pain
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